Very Sincerely Yours, by Kerry Winfrey

I absolutely adored Waiting for Tom Hanks, so when I saw that Ms. Winfrey had written yet another rom-com, I knew I had to read it STAT. Very Sincerely Yours, by Kerry Winfrey was just the cutest rom com!

Teddy Phillips is a thirty-something woman working at a vintage toy store and just dumped by her longtime boyfriend. She writes into the host of a popular kids show, Everett’s Place, for advice and comfort. Everett St. James, the show’s host, is drawn to the letters he’s receiving, both honest and vulnerable. He and Teddy, aka “Theodora“, write each other back and forth forming an unlikely relationship while never having met….until one day they do and life changes for them both.

Very Sincerely Yours was like a sugary sweet combo of You’ve Got Mail & A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Random, but it worked! Predictable, fluffy, and so very lighthearted. An easy-to-read rom com full of heart and humor.

Much of the story unfolds in epistolary form as we watch the relationship between Teddy and Everett grow through a series of back and forth letters. I loved their witty banter and tender relationship. The characters…(especially the supporting cast)…were all so likable. Everett is driven and focused with intense direction in both life and his career. Teddy is floundering and doesn’t yet know what she wants out of life both professionally and personally. I loved the way the author played on both their strengths and weaknesses between them.

This is such a sweet and charming rom com…light on profanity and steam, heavy on heart and personal growth and development. It was cheesy and predictable in all the right ways. A little slow in parts, but overall a quick and cute read. Lots of pop culture references that made me smile, too.

If you’re a fan of a good rom com, but don’t love the profanity and heavy steaminess, pick up Very Sincerely Yours, STAT. Absolutely adorable!!!

3.8 out of 5 stars.

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