How to structure academic math conversations to support English Learners

Excerpted from “Teaching Math to English Learners” by Adrian Mendoza with Tina Beene. Published by Seidlitz Education, 2022.

Embracing academic conversations in the math classroom becomes routine when teachers intentionally prepare content-based linguistic supports to guide and scaffold language. These opportunities for language are important because verbalizing thinking helps students with sense- making, analysis, and reasoning. When students process and engage in sharing, they gain problem-solving perspectives and address misconceptions or incompleteness in their ideas more than if they worked independently (Webb et al., 2014).

Teaching Math to English Learners book coverStructured conversations in a math classroom are especially crucial when teaching English learners (ELs) or students who may feel frustrated or anxious when classmates’ responses to questions bypass the problem-solving process and skip to the solution. When the EL has a different, viable perspective, they might struggle to communicate. There is still a misconception that the first to respond is smarter than the

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Bridging the generational tech gap in childcare

We live in an age where children grow up surrounded by technology, with many having smartphones available to them from a young age. Generation Z has always had access to instant results and, let’s face it, they’re better than we are at navigating technology in general! According to social analyst Mark McCrindle, “They are the most mate­ri­al­ly endowed and tech­no­log­i­cal­ly lit­er­ate gen­er­a­tion to ever grace the planet!”  

Many of us educators are millennials and Gen X, so we can navigate new technology fairly easily, since it’s been part of our life for at least our adult years. When we are introduced to a new platform or device, we often get excited and see it as a fun, new challenge. But there is an older generation of educators that we need to look out for who might shy away from new technology and prefer the “good old fashioned way” of

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The BEST Preschool Learning Center Materials

If you’re anything like me, then you love a good deal (and truth is, who doesn’t?)

Which is why this is such an exciting time of the year.

As someone who looooves a good deal, Cyber Monday is one of my favorite ways to find good deals on new materials for my classroom centers.

Even the ones that are too spendy may be affordable today, so I thought I would share some deeply discounted fun finds I recently discovered with you.

If you’re always on the hunt for the best materials for your preschool learning centers, then I’ve got some good news for you: You’ve come to the right place.


Simply because today I’ll be sharing with you my most recent budget-friendly Amazon finds that your students will absolutely love.

Are you ready for the fun?

Let’s dive in!

Amazon Deal #1: Learning Resources Birthday Presents With Numbers, $12.99

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Preschool December Morning Bins

The holiday season is here, and the Preschool December Morning Bins are sure to bring some cheer! This month is packed with hands-on activities to teach letters, shapes, name practice, rhyming and so much more!

Most preschools have a scattered drop-off time, so mornings can be chaotic. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a consistent plan of activities for these young students to participate in as they trickle in. The Preschool Morning Bins are exactly what you need to start the day off in a positive, focused and stress-free way! These hands-on activities provide an ideal opportunity for preschool students to practice basic skills to warm up their minds and be ready for the day.





What are Morning Tubs / Bins? 

These age appropriate Preschool/

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Handmade Jewelry by 5th Grader and Founder of Tu Snaps

/ November 22, 2022

Isis Idiokitas is an online entrepreneur with own her handmade necklace line. The most impressive part about it? She’s running her own business all while only in the fifth grade!

Isis: The Business Owner

Isis created her company, Tu Snaps, from her bedroom in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was spending a lot of time building her Legos and realized how many pieces she had just lying around after, so she put her creative mind to the test and found a way to make use of the extra blocks.

“I have heard of jewelry made from Lego but not as unique as Tu Snaps, so I thought I could create necklaces that are more like art,” says kid entrepreneur Isis, whose family and fans often rave about her confidence in opening up her own business at such a young age.

“I want kids to

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