Top 5 HiMama Helps Webinars from 2022

What a year it’s been! We are so thankful for our community of educators who joined us every Thursday to level up their professional development with us in the HiMama Helps Webinar Series! We really couldn’t have done this without our amazing community of educators.

As we reflect on this incredible year, we’ve rounded up the top 5 webinar sessions of 2022 in case you missed them! Ready to dive into our most popular webinars? And don’t forget to save your spot for our first webinar of 2023!

Tom Hobson, also known as Teacher Tom, from Teacher Tom’s World joined us to discuss effective play-based learning in early childhood education and how we can encourage children to be leaders in their own learning. With play-based learning on the rise among early learning centers, Tom shared some timely strategies and real-life examples of the benefits of play-based learning.

Mariana Carazo, educator and founder of Developing Minds, dove into the importance of play-based learning and the 21st century skills that today’s children need. Mariana shared with us the philosophy of using loose parts to create open-ended experiences for children, and how these experiences support imagination and creativity. She offered advice on how to get the most out of our curriculum, and how to make sure we are fostering a classroom environment where learning is visible through play.

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In the 100th episode edition of HiMama Helps Webinars, we welcomed Cheryl Lundy Swift and Tracy Sloper from Learning Without Tears! Cheryl and Tracy walked us through 5 strategies for how we can incorporate learning letters and letter sounds into our classrooms to enhance phonological awareness in young children. They explained how to differentiate this learning to accommodate the needs of all learners, and shared some great resources for engaging children in the classroom!

Prerna Richards, president and CEO of Together We Grow, joined us for a discussion on how to transform challenging behaviors in the classroom. Prerna walked us through the 5 basic needs for all children to thrive, and the role we play as educators to ensure these needs are being met in the early years. She shared strategies on how to engage in intentional positive guidance and responsive interactions with young children, and how this will help foster relationships that are built on trust!

Sally Haughey, founder and CEO of Fairy Dust Teaching, joined us to discuss how to create meaningful child led play experiences in early learning classrooms, and shared the essential strategies that educators need to know for designing engaging play invitations. She walked us through how we can identify children’s intent in their play, and how to identify their big ideas so we can support them in their journey of play and exploration. Sally also shared her expert tips and guiding resources for designing authentic and engaging play experiences for children

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