The Simplicity of Cider, by Amy E. Reichert

The Simplicity of Cider, by Amy E. Reichert has been on my TBR for a minute and I figured it was the perfect time of the year to (finally) pick it up. I’m so glad I did!

Sanna Lund and her dad, Einars, live on their family apple orchard in Door County, WI. While the business is struggling, Sanna stays devoted to making cider and tending to the orchard alongside her dad. Developers are more than interested in buying the orchard and turning it into a theme park, but the idea to Einars and Sanna is unthinkable. Einars hires Isaac Banks, a handsome father from California, for summer help on the orchard. He moves onto the land with his son, Bass, from whom he is keeping a big secret. While Sanna appreciates Isaac’s help on the orchard after her dad is injured, she can’t help but feeling like the newest tenants are complicating her life far more than she’s comfortable with.

If you’re looking for a big, warm, cozy hug in book form, this one is it. Swoon. I adored this slow burn so much more than I was expecting.

There was so much to love about this story….the process of cider making; the setting of Door County, WI; the relationship between Sanna and Einars; precocious little Bass; Sanna’s character development…..I could go on and on. Charming and endearing. Relaxing and refreshing. The Simplicity of Cider is anything but simple.

Sanna’s character was the least likable…she was as grumpy as the day is long…but there’s something about her personality, while off-putting, that was a bit endearing. I adored Einars and Bass was such a delight. I loved the dialogue between he and Sanna and the way he softened her hard little heart. Isaac was a breath of fresh air and while some of his motives were a bit misguided, I loved his heart. The characters were written so well that it was easy to like them and there was a little something in each of them that was incredibly relatable.

This story had me wanting to book a trip to Door County, WI and take up life on an orchard for myself. I absolutely LOVED learning about the process of growing apples & apple trees and the descriptions the author included about making apple cider. FASCINATING. Who knew?! Such a wholesome read.

A little drama, a little romance, and a lot of heart. Uncomplicated and delightful. Full of warmth and soul. A truly magical story with an unforgettable setting. Definitely recommend…especially if you love a cozy read.

4.2 out of 5 stars.

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