Metacognition in Learning

The Role of Metacognition in Learning and Achievement | KQED

Metacognition in learning is an important concept in the theory of cognition. Metacognition is not the same as cognition, for example reading skills of a text are different from understanding skills of the text. Metacognition has the advantage that a person tries to contemplate the way of thinking or contemplating the cognitive process he does.

In simple metacognition is defined as “rethinking what has been thought”, there are even experts who connect metacognition with the function of control or information processing. Although the definition is different, in general metacognition is a person’s awareness or knowledge of the process and results of thinking (cognitive) and its ability to control and evaluate the cognitive process.

Definition of Metacognition

The term Metacognition was raised by some psychologists as a result of research on conditions, why do some people learn and remember more than others? Literally metacognition consists of the prefix meta which means … Read more

New Technology Holds The Key To Higher Care For Whiplash Accidents

New TechnologyNew expertise holds the key to better look after whiplash accidents

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New analysis is ready to significantly improve the analysis and remedy of whiplash injuries, one of the vital frequent and challenging injuries following a non-catastrophic motor vehicle collision.

The longitudinal study , conducted over more than five years, involved researchers from the College of Sydney and Northern Sydney Native Well being District together with scientists from Northwestern College, College of Colorado and Stanford University.

Near one hundred people had been recruited to the trial soon after experiencing a motorcar collision. 84 of these underwent MRI scans of their neck two weeks after their crash and then once more at 12 months.

The scans measured muscle composition, a key indicator of whiplash injury and different problems of the cervical spine.

The College of Sydney researcher and Appearing Government Director of the Kolling Institute Professor Jim Elliott said the … Read more