Tillerson, Lavrov Discuss Efforts To Reduce Syria Violence

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Outside the workplace, despite 100 days of close to-apocalyptic predictions, America has not gone to conflict with China, Russia, Iran or North Korea. It has not formally backed away from NATO, the Paris climate accords or the Iranian nuclear deal. Tillerson has started to do some Secretary of State-ish representational issues, joining Trump and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping at their Mar-a-Lago summit, making prepared remarks , and attending international meetings, most notably with Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 12.

The big swinging bat of consular work, nonetheless, is visa issuance. Visas are what fills the American financial system with vacationers, Silicon Valley with engineers and universities with overseas students. Visas are the State Department’s money cow: in FY2015 Consular issued near eleven million tourist, employee and scholar visas at a … Read more