Puberty education varies widely. Here’s a science-based ‘period talk’ to inform both kids and adults

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When and how people receive puberty education varies greatly. Some are taught according to thorough curricula; others spend hours searching for answers to their questions online.

Short Wave co-host Emily Kwong is in the first category. When 10-year-old Emily first learned about periods, she asked her mom for diagrams and procedures — because information is comforting. On the other hand, when 10-year old Short Wave producer Margaret Cirino first learned about periods, she was confused and a little scared.

Fast forward a decade or so … and there is a lot that adult Emily and adult Marge still don’t know about their periods!

That’s why today Emily and Marge team up to provide a new and improved period talk. They chat with Kristyn Brandi, an OB/GYN and family planning doctor, and Mandi Tembo, a

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Child Psychologist

Educational PsychologyA psychologist is skilled to work with folks and are able to work together and cope well. Most people search for connection with their partner by the mere advantage of the fact that they are in love”. Beyond that, maybe they’ve tried to decide on a partner from a similar social environment, or somebody with related intellectual and educational requisites. Interests, hobbies, skilled and social goals and private goals in life may be of prime significance, as is the desire to kind a household, educate the ensuing kids inside a particular faith or philosophy, and so forth. Evidently a great sexual connection tends to be of high significance with the vast majority of individuals as properly.

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Getting your childcare center finances ready for the holiday season

Happy Holidays!!!

The holiday season is upon us once again, and–along with all your usual traditions–if you’re a HiMama Billing & Payments Processing customer, there are a few other items you should take care of this season. 

Here are three things to keep in mind while you’re getting your childcare center finances ready for the end of this year:

1. Subsidy Update

We’ve made some huge strides this past year when it comes to our in-app Billing functionality. The latest upgrade is a new version of our Subsidy Feature–in case you missed out, you can watch these videos to learn all about tracking funding and our Billing app reporting capabilities.

2. Pausing Automated Invoices

If your center is closing over the holidays, make sure you turn off any tuition plans so that you’re not generating invoices over the course of your closure. Not sure how to do that?

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Fascinating Under the Sea Coloring Pages to Print & Color

Join us in an adventure to admire sea creatures with our under the sea coloring pages. Print the ocean themed coloring pages pdf files, grab your blue crayons and coloring pencils, and enjoy these coloring ocean activities!

Under the Sea Coloring Pages shown in printed pdf format on white paper on a table with coloring supplies - Kids activities Blog
Let’s color these under the sea coloring pages!

Free Printable Under The Sea Coloring Pages

Our beautiful collection of ocean-themed under the sea coloring pages is perfect for kids of all ages who are interested in the mystery of the sea and coloring activities. Click the green button to download now:

Did you know that our coloring pages have been downloaded over 100,000 times in the last year?!

Whether you need these coloring pages for classroom use or just for a quick activity at home, these printables are all you need to keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Under the Sea Coloring Page Set Includes

Under the Sea Coloring Pages #1 Screenshot
What sea
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Easy Snow Ice Cream Recipe for Preschoolers

Want to make snow ice cream with your kids? This super easy winter recipe makes a great treat for a cold and snowy day. With only a few simple ingredients, you’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime with your little learners.

This simple recipe is perfect for the classroom. You can even whip up a batch at home with your family on a snow day – if you’re lucky enough have them!

How to Make Snow Ice Cream with Kids

Easy Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Making snow ice cream is a great winter activity and a super fun way to enjoy the winter season for adults and children alike, I like to think of it as a tasty science experiment!

But just in case the idea of eating snow makes you cringe, allow me to reassure you that this recipe calls for carefully curated, clean, freshly fallen snow only.

Here’s a pro tip: If the

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